Free SharePoint 2007 Videos

Check out for video screen casts demonstrating WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 functionality such as Recycle Bin, Site Columns, Features etc.

Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Bob on September 26th, 2006          Reply

    Nice find Shane.

  2.   PP on May 30th, 2007          Reply

    The URL listed in this page “” does not resolve anymore

  3.   Shane on May 30th, 2007          Reply

    Works for me just fine?

  4.   pankaj on September 12th, 2007          Reply

    i m working on i need help

  5.   Tanya on December 26th, 2007          Reply

    Seems like the link does not work any more..?

  6.   Yngnexmt on July 13th, 2009          Reply


  7.   BAPS on July 21st, 2009          Reply


  8.   Gagan on September 3rd, 2009          Reply

    Hi i am software eng. in India. Can anyone tell me how to lear this tech. I have to work on it. Bt i dont know anything about it. my mail address is

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  10.   Loga Raja E on December 18th, 2010          Reply

    I am working in a sharepoint project. So want to videos for train myself.

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