Become Administrator of the Entire Web Application

So you may have noticed that unlike SharePoint Portal 2003 MOSS 2007 does not just give all server administrators full control of everything. While most of this think it is a good thing I have already been asked several times “How do I make it so all of the administrators are SharePoint admins also?”

Well far be it from me to try and talk you out of it (unless you are my client) so I will just give you the quick answer.

To grant a user or group administrator access to a given web application do as follows.

  1. Go to SharePoint Central Administration.
  2. Click on the Application Management tab.
  3. Under Application Security click on Policy for Web Application
  4. Click Add Users
  5. Confirm your settings on the screen (defaults should be what you want) and click Next
  6. Now enter your user or group of users
  7. Click the box beside Full Control – Has full control.
  8. Click Finish

Now all of your specified users have full control over the entire web application as they did in SPS 2003.

Have Fun!

Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Shane Perran on January 22nd, 2007          Reply

    Great tip.

  2.   Bruce Rhodes on October 29th, 2007          Reply

    Very handy tip! It got me out of a real bind.

  3.   Onno on November 21st, 2007          Reply

    When I click the link ‘application management’ I get the error ‘Some or all identity references could not be translated.’ πŸ™ doesn’t help me much….

  4.   Leandro Fernandes on November 29th, 2007          Reply

    Very good tip!!!! Thank you, this help me a lot.

  5.   Ben on August 28th, 2008          Reply


  6.   Aamir Qureshi on October 31st, 2008          Reply

    Awsome. I did not think about the zone policies that way.
    Great tip.

  7.   Zqwprisl on July 13th, 2009          Reply


  8.   Emmett Henry on July 22nd, 2009          Reply

    Can the same thing be accomplished in WSS?

  9.   S. Vogel on August 5th, 2009          Reply

    I am the administrator for my school’s site and I have created my homepage and two other pages (so far). The Staff page shows up but the “Team” page and all the team subsites (7 of them)that I have created do not show up unless I log into my account.  I need these pages and subsites to show for the general public to see as well.  I have checked their permissions and they seem to be set for viewers to see them but they do not show up.  Any suggestions?

    Another problem that I am having is making all the site images available to these other subsites as well.  I thought I put them in a place where they could be accessed by the subsites, but they do not show up on the subsite libraries.

  10.   rick on December 13th, 2009          Reply

    is there a way to execute this manually? Our portal went belly up during a power outage and now I can’t get Central Administration up, gives a “service unavailable” respoinse, same as when we try to access the any of the portal’s pages. I’m not a SharePoint person, but I’m tyhe one tapped to try & figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11.   Henrik on January 20th, 2010          Reply

    You need to restart the application pool for your Central Administration, then you should be able to access it again.

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  14.   Demonix on December 14th, 2011          Reply

    That’s great but the ssp admin site was still inaccessible even though I am a full admin

  15.   ACTTech on February 26th, 2013          Reply

    Thank you very much – I now have access to the shared services as required

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