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Tech-Ed is letting me speak on upgrades

Can you imagine? Me neither. 😉 I am really looking forward to this as it will give me a chance to go back into my upgrading testing phase and see what new insight I can come up with. I have done several hundred test upgrades and several customer upgrades over the last 8 months or […]

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Editing recurring meeting workspaces

If you ever used recurring meeting workspaces in v2 you probably found they had one major flaw. There was no way to reschedule just one occurrence of the meeting. Meaning if you have a recurring meeting setup for every Monday morning this was great until… you had Monday off one week and you had to […]

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Setting up SharePoint? Accounts need their domain.

I have been meaning to post this forever and keep forgetting. A very common issue I am seeing people have when setting up and configuring SharePoint is the way they are specifying account names. You must always specify domain\username. Even though SharePoint will never tell you this is the problem it is. Many users are […]

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