Editing recurring meeting workspaces

If you ever used recurring meeting workspaces in v2 you probably found they had one major flaw. There was no way to reschedule just one occurrence of the meeting. Meaning if you have a recurring meeting setup for every Monday morning this was great until… you had Monday off one week and you had to reschedule the meeting for Tuesday just for that one week. In v2 this wasn’t possible and I can tell you right now telling a client or a student this always was met with a dirty look. L

Luckily in v3 this is no longer a problem. All you have to do is go to the events list that has the meetings, find your meeting, and click edit item. Now not only is there an option to change the time but you can also change the date for just this one meeting. If you wanted to permently move the meeting to Tuesday this is possible also just click edit series.

Not my most technical posting but a pretty handy thing to know as you learn to navigate in v3.

Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Christopher Bermingham on March 21st, 2007          Reply

    I love this feature- We had previously been instructing user to post the updated meeting date in their annoucement lists 🙂

    Related question for you- To show an aggregated view of documents stored across multiple meetings in the same library, V2 had a “show without folders” feature that didn’t seem to work for recurring meetings. Now, there is an “Action” that performs that functionality which is great. But why does all the metadata disappear from that aggregated view?

  2.   Carmel Hilton on August 27th, 2007          Reply

    I am excited to find there is a solution to this issue, however, when I attempt to find the Events list you speak of at the Site Collection level, I don’t find anything. Can you please provide more detail as to where this list resides? I have a V3 portal which contains multiple Meeting Workspaces.

  3.   // skip on January 30th, 2008          Reply

    So, how does one modify, for example, a specific instance of the Attendees list programmatically, within a recurring meeting workspace? Can this be done? Thanks.

  4.   Bob on February 18th, 2010          Reply

    What a bad article. Where is the “Events List”? “All you have to do is go to the events list that has the meetings, find your meeting, and click edit item.” Oh, that’s all you have to do. So simple. Just like falling off a bicycle, right? You just assume everyone knows what you’re talking about. Tool.

  5.   Mary Bathke on September 15th, 2010          Reply

    I have a meeting workspace set up with three meetings and I need to add another meeting, how do I do that?

  6.   Hilde Wik on August 31st, 2011          Reply

    I experience that in some meeting workspaces I cannot store documents on a meeting date in the future. If I try, the document is stored on the nearest day of today. Is this a known error?

  7.   HP on February 25th, 2014          Reply

    I am attempting to have a weekly meeting with the same attendees each week. Is there a way to add the list of attendees so that I do not have to manually add to each weekly meeting? I have a rather large list and the manual process is time consuming. Thanks

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