Random Friday SharePoint Issues, Links and New Bloggers

I have been piling these up for a while so I thought I would throw a post with all of them to get this information out.

A new KB has been released

For No results are returned in the search results when you search for people by site membership SharePoint Server 2007 which is a pretty quick fix to a common search issue.


Do you know how to keep up on the latest SharePoint KB articles without having to go to the SharePoint Support Center (or WSS Support Center to look for them?

Via RSS of course. Microsoft publishes most of their KBs by product now. You can find the complete list here. But since we just care about SharePoint here is the link to the two RSS feeds for them.

MOSS 2007 Latest Articles

WSS v3 Latest Articles


I finished my latest training class

I co-authored a 3 day SharePoint administrators class for SharePoint Solutions called SharePoint 2007 Jump-Start. This class is focused at IT professionals who are looking to learn the ins and out of setting up and administrating SharePoint 2007. We also spend some time diving through the various features out there. I really like the class and the first group we had go through it had good things to say so I guess we done good. If you need some SharePoint 2007 training I would recommend coming and spending a couple of days with me.


Navigating back to the Portal from your My Site

http://www.sharepointblogs.com/henkhooiveld/archive/2006/12/22/17182.aspx This is a common issue that comes up. When you create a my site by default you do not get a link back to the portal. UGH. So with these simple directions you can add it once for all of your users who haven’t created my sites yet. For those who already have them??? Well, you will have to do it the manual way. So make this changes as early as you can.


Enabling Anonymous Access

I get access this one a bunch also. I just refer people to use Bil Simser’s blog entry located here http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/archive/2006/09/25/Enabling-anonymous-access-in-SharePoint-2007.aspx.


Looking for community support?

I used to spend a lot of time posting in the SharePoint NewsGroups hosted by Microsoft. Well, the times are a changing and these days we do it all in forums. Here is a link directly to the SharePoint Products and Technologies forums. Check them out and see what you can contribute.


New SharePoint Bloggers

I think I am in hot water if I don’t post these two blogs so check them out. First you have Not Just Another SharePoint Girl
which is hosted by my wife Nicola Young. She has a pretty cool post on using SharePoint Designer to create a custom workflow and she promises more to come.


You also have the latest member of the SharePoint911 team blogging these days. The SharePoint Helpdesk is hosted by Stephen Wilson. Stephen is the man behind the curtain when you email help@sharepoint911.com for support. He has started posting the common questions he is seeing come into the helpdesk to his blog.


If you have some time check them out and provide them some link love.


I think that is all I have for now. Have a good weekend. I am going to try and write up some permissions issues I have ran into here shortly also.



Shane – SharePoint Help

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