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I was catching up on my blog reading today and saw Joel’s great article on Your Friend Prescan.exe – How to Get it & What it Does – Part 2 and reminded how annoying it is trying to get your hands on prescan.exe. So what the heck. You can now download prescan.exe from that link. The Microsoft documentation has said since August that you could download it so I thought I would help them out.


Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Joel on May 29th, 2007          Reply

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  2.   asas on July 18th, 2007          Reply


  3.   Kevin Childers on August 16th, 2007          Reply

    I have always wanted a Farmer’s Almanac for historical research purposes.

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  5.   chris on October 18th, 2011          Reply

    super cool

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