Change what Page Layout you are using

Boring Story was hosted on a WSS v2 Team Site with a custom site definition. Since RTM I have wanted to make the switch to the site running on MOSS 2007. I purchased new hardware and made some plans. Like every non customer project it kept getting pushed further and further down the To-Do list. The v2 site was working fine and driving business. Then Monday happened. We originally thought the server it was hosted on had just drank too much at the Memorial Day party and had a hangover. A quick reboot and it would be back in business. Wrong answer. Server was dead. 🙁

So instead of rebuilding a v2 box and recovering from the backups we decided to expedite our move to MOSS. If you take a look at the site now you can see it is still a little rough around the edges but at least it is up. We have lots of plans for making the site look better and adding some new functionality. (Wonder how long that will take?) Anyway, had a problem that was bugging us so I thought I would post a quickie.

Technical details

When you create a page in a publishing site you have to choose what page layout you want to use. Well, what happens if you chose wrong? How do you change the page layout your page is associated with? It is actually pretty simple if you know where to look.

  • Browse to the page
  • Click Site Actions, Edit Page
  • From the tool bar click Page
  • In the drop down list click Page Settings
  • Now pick your Page Layout
  • Click OK

I looked everywhere for this setting. I knew it had to be simple and it was. Hopefully this blog post saves someone else lots of hunt and clicking.


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