A very common prescan problem that stops you from doing your upgrade

I have gotten the same email from several people and the fix has been the same just about every time so I thought I would publish the conversation here. Hopefully some searching of the web will help save a couple of email stamps. 😉

Mr. Pugglesworth: What should I do if I want to find out if my SharePoint (WSS v2 or SPS 2003) is ready to be upgraded?

Shane: Use my post here to Download Prescan.exe and then use Joel Oleson’s post for the exact syntax.

Mr. Pugglesworth: I ran prescan.exe and then I get these error messages in my prescan log. Can you help?

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Skipping virtual server: http://portal.company.com/. Server

state = NeedUpgrade. Most likely this virtual server is not extended

with WSS v2.

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Scan finished without failure.

07/05/2007 15:16:32


07/05/2007 15:16:32 Log file:



07/05/2007 15:16:32 Summary file:



07/05/2007 15:16:32


07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of sites skipped (already scanned):   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of sites scanned:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of broken sites:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of webs scanned:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of broken webs:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of webs using custom template:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of pages scanned:   0

07/05/2007 15:16:32 Number of unghosted pages:   0

Shane: Usually that message only shows up when WSS truly isn’t installed or your virtual server didn’t get upgraded after you installed WSS SP2. Try this to confirm my suspicions:

Go to v2 central admin.  Then click on Windows SharePoint Service on the left:

Now click on Configure virtual server settings. 

Now please take a screenshot of the screen that looks like this and send it back to me.

This will help me tell you what to do next.

Mr. Pugglesworth: Here is what I get. Please help. 🙂

Shane: You have some form of this problem http://msmvps.com/blogs/shane/archive/2005/11/02/74038.aspx

Essentially, you need to run stsadm.exe –o upgrade –forceupgrade from the 60 hive before you will be able to do an upgrade to MOSS.  While this command is running your SharePoint will be unavailable so plan accordingly.  Also, please make sure you have a backup before you start running stsadm commands. They are safe but very powerful.

The End

Hopefully this will help you out also. If nothing else I don’t have to have this email conversation too many more times. 😉

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