SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool – Beta

Be the first kid on your block to try it out.

This handy little tool will allow you to input your number of users, number of locations, bandwidth, preferred hardware, and even usage profiles and then have it spit back a suggested farm topology and suggested hardware. Pretty cool stuff.

A couple of warnings. The tool is still beta so be sure you verify what it is telling you. I have seen some crazy scenarios where you get back the need for 25 servers because you messed up the storage space. J So be smart. Also, you will have to sign up for a Microsoft Connect account. But that is a good thing. Lots of fun betas our there you can apply for.

If you do try the tool out do give your feedback. That is the only way it gets better. Those of us in the real world have to help.


Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Luis Du Solier G. on December 7th, 2007          Reply

    Hi Shane, have you test it already?, I can’t find it in connect…

    Is this a new version of the one a few months available by HP?



  2.   Shane on December 7th, 2007          Reply

    Weird. When I sign into connect i see it right away. Try checking the available connections and see if you find it.

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