How to install WSS and MOSS SP1

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint is here. The SharePoint Team blog has a great full length article on all of fixes and tweaks. You can read it here Announcing the Release of WSS 3.0 SP1 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1.

This post is just meant to give you the easy version of the install instructions. If you have complex scenarios or have issues I highly recommend you read Planning and deploying SP1 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server instead of my instructions. Cool?

Ok here is my setup that I am about to patch. Server 1 is the SQL 2005 SP2 database box. Server 2 is a Windows Server 2003 SP2 with MOSS 2007 Enterprise installed. I am doing everything on Server 2. I give you run times on the longer parts for reference points. Your times will vary!

  1. Backup SharePoint! Seriously handy little paper here if you need help.

  2. Download the software you need. For my servers I downloaded the 32 bit editions. You must install BOTH the WSS and MOSS update if you have MOSS installed.

    1. WSS SP1 downloads

    2. MOSS SP1 downloads

  3. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Services to keep your users off the server.

    1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list, click World Wide Web Publishing Service

    3. Click the Stop button

  4. Install the Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack (total time less than 2 minutes)

    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was wssv3sp1-kb936988-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe

    2. Double click to run the file

    3. Read the license terms, click accept

    4. Click continue

    5. At the reminder message click OK

    6. Now it starts processing the update.

    7. At the installation complete message click OK

  5. Now if you have just WSS skip to step 8

  6. If the configuration wizard opens close it.

  7. Install the MOSS update (total time less than 2 minutes)

    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was officeserver2007sp1-kb936984-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe

    2. Double click to run the file

    3. Read the license terms, click accept

    4. Click continue

    5. At the reminder message click OK

    6. Now the update processes…

  8. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard (15 minutes)

    1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Server > SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard

    2. Click Next at the Welcome screen

    3. Click Yes at the warning about restarting services

    4. Click Next at the Completing the SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard

    5. Your server is now processing step 1

    6. You will be prompted to now install the updates on other servers in your farm. Click OK since you only have 1 SharePoint server.

      1. NOTE: If you did have multiple servers you would repeat all of the above steps on each of those servers before moving on. Also, if you are wondering you should probably start with the server that host central admin.

    7. Now your server is processing steps 2 through 9.

    8. Speaking of step 8 it took my server approximately 13 minutes to process 4.4 GB of content. I am sure your times will vary. Just don’t panic on this step if it takes a while. It is essentially touching all of your content.

    9. At Configuration Successful click Finish

  9. Check out Central Admin

    1. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service you stopped in step 2. If you had to reboot this is not necessary.

    2. Click Operations tab

    3. Under Topologies and Services click Servers in farm

    4. Next to your server you should see Version not If you do you should be good to go.

That is it. 🙂

Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   Gene Magerr on December 17th, 2007          Reply

    Hi Shane
    Another great article. The link to the backup paper is broken though. I have a question about the upgrade. We have a basic server farm (one SQL back end Server and one Moss server) Say I do the SP1 upgrade, and then say a month or so later, I want to add two front end web servers. How would that work? How would I apply SP1 to the farm to include these additional servers? Thanks again for the great post.

  2.   Gene Magerr on December 18th, 2007          Reply

    Thanks for the great article Shane, worked like a charm. BTW, The link to the backup paper is broken.

  3.   Shane on December 18th, 2007          Reply
  4.   Colin Walker on December 18th, 2007          Reply

    Can’t stress the importance of taking a backup enough.

    Installed SP1 and then couldn’t reconnect to the database. No site, no Central Admin, nothing.

    Then had problems uninstalling WSS so had to rip everything out manually (ouch!) Finally got the site restored but search doesn’t work 🙁

    At least I had a full backup.

  5.   Rory Schmitz on December 27th, 2007          Reply

    So how do you recover from a failed SP1 install? I’m getting a 404 error in my browser for central admin site and any other site.

    Has anyone posted a recovery solution yet?

  6.   JimC on January 19th, 2008          Reply

    I have a WSS/MOSS installation (one front-end server and a separate backend db server). I successfully installed wss 3.0 sp1, but the config wizard ran. I did not realize until I wanted to start the MOSS SP1 install that I was not supposed to do that.

    Am I screwed? or, can I go ahead with the MOSS upgrade?

    Your help would be much appreciated!

  7.   Christy on February 11th, 2008          Reply

    I have installed WSS SP1, closed the wizard, installed MOSS SP1 and stopped dead with an error message of “The package for this installation has failed” Click oK. I’ve got nothing, I have not ran the Wizard…re-tried MOSS SP1 but it still fails. When I go to Control Panel, add/remove programs I have the following version for MOSS 12.0.6219.1000…is this correct? Any pointers as to how to get out of this rut? Thank you in advance.

  8.   chris on February 20th, 2008          Reply

    do you need to run the sp1 installation on mail/sql servers ?

    in our farm we have

    2x exchange for outgoing/incoming
    1x sql for content

  9.   Shane on February 20th, 2008          Reply

    Chris – Nope. 🙂

  10.   Tom on March 13th, 2008          Reply

    Are there any good links on how to set up WSS SP1 to work with

  11.   Tony S on March 25th, 2008          Reply

    I just tried to upgrade to SP1. It was looking good until the last step and it failed. Nothing is working now, calling MS support hopefully they can help me resolve this issue. If I find out what the problem is and the solution i will post it up here. Maybe others are having the same problem!

  12.   Shane on March 25th, 2008          Reply

    What type of errors are you getting in the event logs?

  13.   Thorir on May 7th, 2008          Reply

    I not a possibility to upgrade the installation files so that you don’t have to go through all of this when you are adding or installing new farm or servers in a farm with SP1?

  14.   Shane on May 9th, 2008          Reply

    You can look up how to slipstream the sp1 files inorder to keep from doing all these steps in a new install

  15.   cobrachen on May 20th, 2008          Reply

    Pingback from Good Article About How to Imstall MOSS SP1

  16.   Jai on June 3rd, 2008          Reply

    if I have multiple servers, do i need to run configuration wizard on all servers or just once on the last server I am completing the step7 in the document?

    Please advise.

  17.   TR on July 3rd, 2009          Reply

    firstoff, this is on a new server environment build – if you are not slip streaming installs do you have to run config wizard (or psconfig) between each install? I know you don’t have to run config between WSS and MOSS for the same CU for example, but what if you are installing SP2 and April09 CU? Do you have to run config wizard between your WSS and MOSS SP2 and the WSS and MOSS April09 CU if you don’t slip stream? thank you

  18.   satyam on October 21st, 2009          Reply

    Thank you for all the step by step instructions for applying the service pack of sharepoint which made my work easy on the dev and testing servers.
    Long back when we had a issue on a production site we had to apply a hot fix from Microsoft which changed the version number from to which also have created a log file in the 12 hive…

    We have not applied sp1 on production yet.

    If I apply sp1 on production do I have to delete the log file from the 12 hive which was generated when the hot fix was applied or should I not bother about it and follow your steps.

    Your help would be much appreciated


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