I passed Configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 070-630

I know, I am so cool. LOL

Had some students in my Professional SharePoint Administration class ask about how well the class would prepare them for the exam. I was like “Hell, I don’t know?”. So I went and took the exam the next day to find out.

I would have to say the exam is not as much hardcore admin as I thought it would be. Really turns out to be more about using the MOSS Standard and Enterprise features. Make sure before you take it you have an understanding of Excel Services, BDC, Forms Server, Content Management features and of course Search. There are a couple of deployment/upgrade questions but nothing too complicated. For more information on the exam check out http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-630.mspx.

I think I am going to go try out Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 070-631 soon. I heard it is harder so should be interesting to see what is on it.

Shane – SharePoint Help

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  1.   John Ferringer on January 3rd, 2008          Reply

    The WSS config test is definitely harder, if for no other reason than it encompasses topics and technologies beyond just WSS, like NLB & MOM. It almost felt like they ran out of WSS-related questions to asked and had to stretch to get enough content. Granted, WSS doesn’t operate in a vacuum, but in comparison to the MOSS test it just felt like there was less SharePoint-specific knowledge tested by the exam.

  2.   dmorris on January 3rd, 2008          Reply

    I took Shane’s class back in early December 2007 and I passed my test a few weeks later.

    Thanks Shane for putting all the pieces together for me. The class was worth the time and money.

    I am taking 70-631 here is a couple of weeks.

  3.   Ben "Ninja" Scherer on January 4th, 2008          Reply

    70-630 was not bad at all. If you allready have Sharepoint experience, the class is good prep. Otherwise i would do some studying.
    The areas you listed are what I saw also.

  4.   Todd Klindt on January 8th, 2008          Reply

    I think 70-631 is an excellent exam. Very well written. I may be a bit biased though. 🙂


  5.   dmorris on January 17th, 2008          Reply

    I passed the 70-631 yesterday, as Todd said it was well written.

    Thanks again Shane for the great information in your class at Max back in December.


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  7.   hiren on March 23rd, 2011          Reply

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