Change the port for central admin

This came up in class today and one my students Eric knew the answer off the top of his head. It was so simple I thought I would share.

Stsadm –o setadminport –port 5555

This command will change SharePoint Central Administration v3 to run on port 5555. Even cooler? Didn’t take a reboot or iisreset to take effect, it just worked.


Shane – SharePoint Consulting

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  1.   Dan Lewis on February 27th, 2008          Reply

    excellent tip – same command will also work in the pervious version to change the port of SharePoint Configuration Analyzer.

  2.   AJ on December 16th, 2008          Reply

    Doesn’t appear to be working for me. I just keep getting a Command line error.

    Interesting this is that your command is formatted exactly how help tells us to do it.

  3.   Tiemo on February 23rd, 2009          Reply

    If it does not work, replace the “-” by typing the “-” manually!

  4.   Sabu Stephen on January 14th, 2010          Reply

    Need to change the port for SSP. Any suggestions other than creating a new

  5.   James C. Gunver on October 5th, 2010          Reply

    Thank you.Great help…

  6.   Priya on September 20th, 2011          Reply

    If you copy and paste the command, change the upper case S to lower case “stsadm –o setadminport –port 5555” and manually type the hypen as suggested by Tiemo.

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