Lots of excuses for not blogging lately (and announcements)

Seriously, I am a slacker. My last post was April 1 and I apologize. I would like to tell you that this post is going to be chocked full of new content but alas I would be lying. Instead I want to offer up my apologizes and tell you about what is in the works.

New Search Book

About a month ago I was asked to be part of a very cool project. Richard Riley (Sr. Program Manager, Search), Tom Rizzo (Richard’s bosses boss), and myself are working on a new book dedicated to Enterprise search. We are hoping to have it out by early fall. I just turned in my last chapter today. Shew! I wish I could tell you more about the chapters but some of the stuff in the book is still under NDA. That is how bleeding edge the information in the book will be. In one place there was nothing to link to so I say “go here and search for X it should be there by now”. Anyway, if you are into Search (and who isn’t) go ahead and buy the book now. Professional Microsoft SharePoint Search

New Admin Book

Steve Caravajal (Microsoft Enterprise Architect), Todd Klindt (SharePoint MVP and straight man), and me have started our own book endeavor. We have decide to take my SharePoint Administration training class, expand a little, and make it into a book. Tentatively titled Inside SharePoint Administration. As I type this I am building my Windows 2008 VPC so I can right the step-by-step guidance for installing MOSS SP1 and configuring Kerberos in this environment. The book is chocked full of advanced SharePoint administration topics including Power Shell for administrators, backups and disaster recovery, performance optimization, SQL admin, planning and deploying for extranets, and the list goes on. This book will be too awesome.

TechEd 2008

TechEd is quickly approaching and this year I am trying something new. Not only am I doing 3 breakout sessions that will be full of guest speakers and lots of new information and a chalk talk, I am also doing a preconference day. The preconference day will cover Upgrading from 2003 to 2007 and then how things are different now for an administrator. To do this I have teamed up with Todd Klindt again. Oh yeah, did I mention this will be in the hands on lab format? Meaning you will not only get guidance on doing the upgrade but then get to do an upgrade. Too fun. More information here https://www.msteched.com/itpro/public/precons.aspx

I am also a featured speaker this year which is quite an honor. Not sure it gets me much than the cool picture in Silverlight but it is a start.

My sessions are Creating Portals that last (Taxonomy and Governance), Admin 1, and Admin 2. For a list of all session check out this page https://www.msteched.com/itpro/public/sessions.aspx

One more thing about TechEd SharePoint911 and the Ted Pattison Group will be doing a booth so stop by and say hello. The booth will be open both weeks. And if you ask really nicely you may be able to get one of the limited edition t-shirts. As any good vendor we will have a supply of t-shirts for the masses but for the lucky few that know to ask for them we will be giving away a special shirt. I have already said to much but there is 3 different shirts and they…. Well they are just too much to even describe in words. You want one! (and not just to wash your car with)

Ok, I promise to get something geeky and technical up here asap, so stay tuned!


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  1.   Greg Kamer on May 14th, 2008          Reply

    Good work my friend! I look forward to the books.

  2.   Joe on June 6th, 2008          Reply

    Can’t wait for the book(s) to come out. I’ll definitely be picking them up.

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