Todd Klindt and Shane Young Take Tampa

To teach an awesome 5 day SharePoint administrators only class. You didn’t think we were betting on the Rays to win the World Series did you?

Nope instead Todd and I will be teaching SharePoint Survival Camp the best SharePoint Administrator Training you can get anywhere. We are going to take my standard 4 day Professional SharePoint Administration class and add another of admin goodness. If you have ever seen Todd and I present on stage at TechEd in America or Europe you know the entertainment value we bring. And in case you aren’t buying into that how about this it will be 80 degrees and Christmas will come early.

What do I mean early Christmas? I mean in our efforts to jumpstart the economy I am willing to take all of Todd’s paycheck for the class and spend it on give-a-ways. How generous am I? In the past we have given away Xbox 360s, Flat screen TVs, Zunes, Ipods, portable DVD players, books, shirts, and other random swag. What will we give-a-way this time? I have no clue but it will be very cool stuff (especially if Todd is in the Christmas spirit).

Yeah there are lots of good technical reasons to come to class like the best training possible but who cares about all of that? Ok maybe that is important too. So look forward to topics like:

  • Hands on lab that covers secure installs top to bottom
  • Sizing and performance tuning for your farms
  • More info about SQL Server than you can imagine
  • Windows Server 2008 and SQL 2008
  • STSADM and Power Shell
  • SEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And much, much, more

Shane SharePoint Consulting

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