The world’s greatest SharePoint admin book is here

Update – I got my winners.  Jim E from California and Brandon from unknown.  Thanks everyone!  Look for another chance to win this week.

Just in time for the holiday season the book is available.

WSS MVP Todd Klindt, Microsoft Enterprise genius Steve Caravajal, and yours truly came together to write this real world, everything you need to know SharePoint administrators guide to the universe. Gets yours today.

And just for fun I will give away a free copy to the first person to fill out the help desk request form on my company website with a link to the post.

What the heck I will also give away another copy to the first person who will post a plug for the book on their blog. Just put a comment on this blog with a trackback.


Shane Young – SharePoint Consulting

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  1.   Jamie McAllister on November 24th, 2008          Reply
  2.   Aaron Horn on November 24th, 2008          Reply

    My TechBlog embeds my Google Reader Shared items and of course I had to plug your book since I’ve been a long time fan of your blog. I have also been dealing with Nicola on an InfoPath project and just signed the SOW a few minutes ago. 🙂

  3.   Jerry on November 25th, 2008          Reply
  4.   balobol on January 14th, 2010          Reply

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