Shane as a Bobble Head?

True story.

This was my surprise gift from my team at SharePoint911. All I can say is they rock! The picture doesn’t do it great justice but this thing is super cool. Now I need to think of some strange things to do with it. Anyway, don’t have too much fun.

Happy Holidays!

Shane – SharePoint Consulting

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  1.   John Ross on December 30th, 2008          Reply

    The real icing on the cake was the colors on the tie….I mean how lucky are we that the best option for a body comes with a Bengals tie?

    Happy Holidays Boss! Time to start game planning for the next gift giving occasion.


    ps. Where’s the pic of the sweet gold teeth we got you?

  2.   Todd Klindt on December 30th, 2008          Reply

    I have personally experienced the awesomeness that is the Shane Young bobblehead. It is something to behold.


  3.   Dan Usher on December 30th, 2008          Reply

    Someday I hope that I’m popular enough to be like Shane and have a bobble head. The tie colors are pretty sweet by the way.

  4.   Mark Rhodes on January 1st, 2009          Reply

    What does it say on the shirt? Can’t quite make it out.

  5.   AC on January 2nd, 2009          Reply

    No way… no freaking way that’s you. That guy has a suit on! 🙂

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