SharePoint Administrator’s guide to not screwing up :)

On the SharePoint IT Pro documentation team blog there is a wonderful new paper out with some fancy name; we will call it the SharePoint Admin Guide. The paper was written by the team at SharePoint911 with guidance from Brenda C. at Microsoft.

The idea of the paper is it quickly touches on all of the considerations and gotchas a new administrator needs to watch out for. Things like common installation mistakes to what consideration for branding and development you need make. The idea is not for the paper to tell you in great detail everything you need to know. Instead, the paper makes sure you don’t encounter the “I didn’t even know about that” issue when you server farm. Of course if you want deep details then we reference all of that material also.

Anyway, go download it and read, I promise you will like it.

Shane – SharePoint Consulting

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  1.   Jimmy Rodgers on June 5th, 2009          Reply

    I am interested in the SharePoint Administrator’s guide to not screwing up.


  2.   biju on September 14th, 2009          Reply

    sharepoint admin guide

  3.   biju on September 14th, 2009          Reply

    sharepoint admin guide

  4.   H. Lee on January 14th, 2010          Reply

    Like to see what this guide is about.

  5.   Carl Rizzo on February 1st, 2010          Reply

    Researching what a SharePoint admin does.

  6.   Sam on March 18th, 2010          Reply

    I would like to learn about Sharepoint.

  7.   James yalaty on October 22nd, 2011          Reply

    Need reference doc.

  8.   smita on February 29th, 2012          Reply

    New to sharepoint. Would like to learn

  9.   SImon on February 6th, 2013          Reply

    Looking for the “I didn’t know that” traps.

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