Install Guide: February Cumulative Updates

Whoops… because i am a big dummy I screwed up this post. Sorry, hope you weren’t using it. 🙂  Install SharePoint SP2 now instead. 


Shane SharePoint Consulting

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  1.   Chris Randall on March 13th, 2009          Reply

    SQL Server 2008 SP2? Do you mean SQL Server 2005? SP1 for SQL Server 2008 is still in the CTP stage, so there’s certainly not an SP2 for it yet 🙂

  2.   Roger on March 13th, 2009          Reply

    hi shane, from where do you have SQL 2008 SP2? i’m actually playing around with SP1 CTP…
    Cheers, Roger

  3.   Shane on March 16th, 2009          Reply

    Good catch guys. Thanks

  4.   uggbootslonzcs on October 11th, 2009          Reply
  5.   xlpharmacy on December 12th, 2011          Reply

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