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Getting rid of GUIDs in SharePoint 2010 database names

It is like your typical battle of good vs. evil. SharePoint 2010 has a secret plot to run the world out of GUIDs and between you and me I think it has a good shot of accomplishing its goal. Well, me and boy wonder (aka Todd) have seen the pain and suffering they are trying […]

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SharePoint 2010 database attach upgrade with managed paths

This week I found a new to me issue with doing a database attach upgrade from 2007 to 2010. It seems if your 2007 content database has additional wildcard managed paths (anything other than /sites) that when you upgrade that database to SharePoint 2010 that you will end up with a bunch of explicit managed […]

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BCS and SharePoint Workspaces limited to 2000 items from external list

My client and I fought these issues for about a month all said and done so I figured I would post some of the things we learned along the way to save you a month of your life. J The BCS is limited to 2000 items True story. Out of the box business connectivity services […]

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