Getting rid of GUIDs in SharePoint 2010 database names

It is like your typical battle of good vs. evil. SharePoint 2010 has a secret plot to run the world out of GUIDs and between you and me I think it has a good shot of accomplishing its goal. Well, me and boy wonder (aka Todd) have seen the pain and suffering they are trying to evoke and we have plan to stop it. Creating blog posts to remove as many of the GUIDs as possible.

“But dynamic duo who cares if the world runs out of GUIDs?” Well, to be honest the people it scares the most are the poor developers. And while we generally consider developers second class citizens that doesn’t mean we wish them harm. And let’s face it, if they didn’t have GUIDs they would have nothing to do. And we all know bored developers will wander the halls of your office building aimlessly. Or worse they will congregate in places like the break room and will want to make small talk with you when you go to get an afternoon Mt. Dew. I don’t know about you, but nothing ruins my day worse than idle chit-chat with a developer. Yucky.

So this post is your one stop shopping for everything about getting rid of the GUIDs: As Todd or I post new items for removing GUIDs we will update this post.

How to get rid of the Central Admin database GUID by Todd

How to get rid of the SharePoint 2010 Search service application database GUIDs by Shane

How to clear timer job error after renaming the Search Admin database by Shane 

Microsoft article on renaming databases (Be careful, it isn’t perfect yet)

How to rename the PerformancePoint Database by Shane 

Build your farm without getting GUIDs in the first place by Todd

As always remember to test any of these steps on a nonproduction server before attempting on your real servers.

Save the GUID!


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PS – I don’t hate developers. Really, it just seems that way.

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  1.   Mcx Tips on November 3rd, 2010          Reply

    This is a great blog document and much needed in ensuring that projects lead to value. It would be of great help to have some generic examples of benefit maps etc included in the guideline. I have just started out in the benefits management areana, find it very useful, but am still finding my feet on the practical application.

  2.   Mukesh on December 30th, 2010          Reply


  3.   @davidhaver on February 22nd, 2011          Reply

    You and Todd Rock. I use your stuff all of the time.

  4.   LK on April 14th, 2011          Reply

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the links in your blog. I really need the link for ‘Build your farm without getting GUIDs in the first place’ but one link is broken can you please fix it. It would save be loads of time as I’m doing a fresh install of Sharepoint 2010.

    Thanks again.

  5.   Lap on June 28th, 2011          Reply


    I just wonder have you ever notice on crawl log history using Western Timestamp even though region setting and clock on server set to Eastern Time. Can we change crawl log using eastern timestamp?

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