A new SharePoint training company

Who could it possibly be? It’s SharePoint911, of course! I can hear it now: “But don’t you guys already do training?” Actually, the majority of our team has done SharePoint training for years, but for the most part we have we have done it under the umbrella of other training companies. We have written at least 10 different classes for these different companies, and we have taught 1000s of students over the years, but always for someone else.

For the first time ever, we are creating our own training content and we have 100% control. No more creating modules to fit a specific format or marketing objective. After talking to a customer who got an early preview of the outlines, his exact quote was:

“I love the content. When you read the training page you can feel the passion you guys have for SharePoint and you get a good sense of the high level of experience.” –Andrew Post, MCSE, MCP

That is exactly what I wanted to hear! These classes are written and taught from the heart.

And because I believe you should always lead with your very best, the first-in person SharePoint 2010 administration class will be designed, written, and taught by Todd Klindt and yours truly. Go read the outline. It isn’t marketing speak or hot air; it is all of the stuff that Todd and I are dying to talk about. We also created the outline in the opposite order of most – we wrote down everything we wanted to cover, and then cut it down to make it fit neatly in five days, and put it in a logical order. Through dumb luck we ended up with 15 modules.

The first teaching of the class will be in Cincinnati, Ohio from April 4 – 8, 2011. And because it will be the first class, we are offering a $500 discount. So instead of the normal price of $2,999 you will only pay $2,499. How can you pass up a deal like that?

If that weren’t enough, we are also offering online classes. These will be live, 75-minute sessions taught by subject matter experts from our team. These are taught in the same style as we use for our internal training. That means no “death by PowerPoint.” Instead, you’ll get hard, fast information that you can take action on right away. Heck, I think one of the classes doesn’t even have slides, but instead will be 100% demo on building a solution. Awesome. You can find a complete list of everything about our training and the upcoming classes here.

That is enough to get us started, but don’t worry. The training division of Sharepoint911 is going to grow very rapidly. We have several ideas for upcoming classes that no one else is offering to make you the biggest and badest SharePoint Ninja on the block.



SharePoint Consulting & now SharePoint Training

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  1.   zee on January 28th, 2011          Reply

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  2.   Etienne Coulonge on January 28th, 2011          Reply

    Great news! The class I took from you was worth three other classes. I would take it again in a heartbeat, just to learn about new scenarios you have experienced.

    I am sure it will be a great success.

  3.   Martin Boejstrup on February 1st, 2011          Reply

    Great news !! in participating in one of the course you held in the fall, which was the best I ever be, thanks. I would like with a Share Pint 2010 Administration Advanced Course, with a focus on troubleshooting, performence, and SQL is a good idea?

  4.   David Clark on February 15th, 2011          Reply

    Congrats on doing your own training! Wish you well in your endevor. Took your Sp 2007 and 2010 Admin classes and they were great. Tempted to take the new course too!

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