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My Christmas gift to you!

I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. I guess you can thank the fine folks at Rackspace for this. Today I did a 1.5 hour webinar on installing and configuring SharePoint 2013. And in a totally unexpected twist not only did everything work but I actually got everything done in the allotted time. You know what is even more exciting? I recorded the whole thing and the recording is available for you to watch. The link to the webinar is at this webinar link. Sorry you will have to register to watch just because that is how the tool works.

There is also a presentation I used during the webinar with some screenshots, PowerShell, and other links. You can find that presentation at this link.

The team is actually doing a bunch of these this week. You can sign up or watch the recordings by using the links found here.

Hope you enjoy the show. Happy holidays!


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  1.   Oscar Suarez on December 17th, 2012          Reply

    I can’t see this valuable material because not a standard video format. What can I do to watch them?

  2.   Shane on December 17th, 2012          Reply

    Usually if you cannot watch the video it is because you are having Java issues with your browser.

  3.   Shankar on December 18th, 2012          Reply

    Awesome session.

    Thank you

  4.   Anthony Vallalla on May 12th, 2014          Reply

    I tried getting this material because you need to be a member then the Member Site says they are not accepting anymore members.

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