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Edit 8/14/2016 – The rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated even if I was the one who started them. I am back to kicking ass on SharePoint and all things Microsoft Cloud. Check out Bold Zebras for more information on my consulting work. Or if you are into Free SharePoint, Azure, and Office365 training check out my Microsoft Cloud YouTube channel.

Wow, this place brings back memories. As you can tell since my last post was in 2012 I haven’t been doing a lot of the SharePoint thing lately. Looking through the archives some of my posts have been read hundreds of thousands of times. The most popular one being how to install SP2 for WSS 2007. Wow, that was a crazy time.

In the SharePoint world I still do speaking here and there, host Todd Klindt’s podcast, and work on SharePoint as necessary but it is far from my primary gig. Since I get the question a lot, what have I been up to, I thought I would just write it all down. So here it is, to catch everyone up the quick version of what I have been up to is:

Feb 2012, I sold SharePoint911 to Rackspace and I became a “Racker”. I helped run the SharePoint business as Director of something or another. If you want to read about all of the screw-ups I made growing SharePoint911 check out this post.

Spring of 2014, I switched gears and helped lead the building of a Microsoft Private Cloud practice on Hyper-V and System Center. I had a cool role of Chief Technologist.

Early 2015, we evolved the Private Cloud practice to be Fanatical Support for Azure. Went back to a fancy Director of Product title.

Late 2015, I retired from Rackspace and played a lot of Call of Duty.

Since then I have actually become a member of the startup scene here in Cincinnati. I am doing some angel investing with Connetic  in a couple of cool companies (I would list them but they are still flying under the radar), advising a few others, and I have started a couple of my own companies. What companies you ask? Let me tell you about them.

boxChecked is a Virtual Assistant company. Growing SharePoint911 was hard and I wasted a lot of money trying to figure out the right way to do little things like government paperwork and trying to keep good accounting records. So with boxChecked I took all of those back office services that we grew in house and I am now making them available to the masses. Yes, I realize there are a lot of personal assistant services out there but most of them just do what you say. So as long as you have figured everything out you are golden. On the other hand, our virtual assistants take pride in not only doing what you request but also putting your request in context. So when you say get this new lady setup in payroll they know you need to also think about unemployment insurance, benefits, government filings, and a bunch of other little things.

I also started Bold Zebras. Just between us the website needs a reboot. I originally positioned it as a company to help small businesses embrace technology for an advantage. What an awesome service but the messaging didn’t resonate with people. So I have, in theory, simplified it to being we are a management consultant for small businesses. From conversations I have had with people that seems to be much easier to understand. With Bold Zebras I have helped people with growth, online and offline marketing, new product ideas, retail setup, launch a startup, technology, and other topics. It is really fun to get in and try to help a business owner take the next step in growing their company. Website reboot completed. Bold Zebras is all Microsoft Cloud all of the time now!

The third company I am involved with is called Rescoper.  It is project management software that doesn’t suck. (Probably not the official tag line.) It is all web driven software and its magic power is context. Most of the software in the market today is just a mirror. You put in information and it just pretties it up and shows it back to you. Not sure how anyone finds that super helpful. With Rescoper you enter your data and the software learns from the data and makes recommendations. For example. If you have your schedule in Rescoper and you add an ad hoc meeting for an hour the software will say “okay, you can add that meeting but you are going to put these other things at risk” in real time. So you can decide if an hour meeting of the party planning committee is worth missing your project deadline. There are lots of little things like that which make Rescoper better than the other magic mirrors.

I also have one iron in the fire that might bring me back to the SharePoint teaching world. I have a meeting tomorrow so I will cross my fingers.

As always you can still find me on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Or you can email me through the contact form on the homepage at


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