SharePoint 2013 – Quick and Dirty install on Microsoft Azure

What fun. For some reason this weekend I got inspired to do a quick and dirty install of SharePoint. I originally wanted to call it what not to do but that seemed to negative.

The idea is I plow through a way to get SharePoint 2013 up and running in Azure as quick as possible. The video turned out to be about 27 minutes to show what took me 1 hour 7 minutes to do. I also incorporated something new on this video. I run a stopwatch the whole time that you can see you know how long things are taking in real time vs. produced video magic. I take a lot of pride in cutting out every second or ten of screen waiting time to make the videos as short as possible. Hopefully you enjoy the timer that shows that off better.

In case you are wondering what a quick and dirty install using Azure looks like here is the outline:

  • Create a domain controller on Windows 2012 R2
    • Set a static IP
    • Update the virtual network to reflect the IP
    • DC Promo
    • Create two service accounts
  • Create a SQL 2012 SP3 Standard VM using template
    • Add it to the domain
    • Update security to give domain admin system administrator role
  • Create a SharePoint Server 2013 VM using template
    • Create the farm using configuration wizard
    • Configure the service apps using the wizard
  • At the end show you the train wreck it creates in SQL

That is as quick and dirty as it gets.

You can watch the video here: Configure SharePoint 2013 on Azure

Give it a watch and let me know what you think. Also, I am always up for new ideas so feel free to leave a comment of future videos you would like to see.


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