Installing and Configuring SharePoint Server 2013 on premise for Microsoft Azure

In case you are wondering this is completely different than the Quick and Dirty install video. This video goes through all of the steps to build a production grade install of SharePoint.

What? That seems really confusing. How do you do on-prem SharePoint 2013 on Azure? You use IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) of course.

In this video, we start with nothing and build out all of the pieces to install SharePoint Server 2013. While the video shows it how to do everything in Azure you can adapt the steps to do an install inside your own network just as easy.

Domain Controller

  • We create a VM DC1 and set a static IP
  • We make changes to the Azure Virtual Network
  • We DCPromo the server and create a new domain
  • All of those steps and a lot more are covered in this video: Create a new Active Directory Forest in Azure

SQL Server 2014 SP2

  • We create a VM SQL1
  • We install SQL Server 2014 SP2 180-day trial
  • We set all of the security and settings to make SharePoint happy
  • All of those steps and more are covered in this video: Install SQL Server 2014 for SharePoint

SharePoint Server 2013 Install

  • We create a VM SP1
  • We install SharePoint Server 2013 RTM 180-day trial
  • We install Service Pack 1
  • We install June 2016 Cumulative Update
  • All of those steps and more are covered in this video: Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2013 on-prem using Microsoft Azure – Part 1

SharePoint Server 2013 Configure

  • We use PowerShell to create our farm
  • We walk through the service accounts and least privileged security concepts
  • We create all of the service applications with database names without GUIDs
  • SharePoint is up and fully functional for you to use
  • All of those steps and more are covered in this video: Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2013 on prem using Microsoft Azure – Part 2

That should do it. Walk through all of that content and you can have a SharePoint 2013 Server up and running in Azure. Pretty awesome!

For this video, there is also a premium guide available. The premium guide just documents all of the steps in an easy to following guide with numbered steps, bolded actions, and screenshots. Additionally, it includes automated PowerShell scripts that allow you to avoid all of the typing demonstrated in the video. Finally, there is a script and Excel file that will create the active directory accounts for you. It is preconfigured to create all of the accounts in the video but is easy to update to add additional accounts for testing or to change the names to meet your domain standards. For more information, check out

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for future videos.


 PS – I have the same thing available for SharePoint Server 2016

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