Installing SQL Server 2014 or 2016 for SharePoint on-prem

Do you have challenges with what is the correct way to install SQL Server for SharePoint? What features do you have to select? How should you configure the service accounts?

Or maybe installing SharePoint is fine but you don’t understand things like Max degree of parallelisms or what holes to punch in the firewall? No problem.

I have created two separate videos for installing SQL 2014 and SQL 2016 for SharePoint. Both videos use the 180-day trial so you can play along at home without a license. Good news is the steps are exactly the same if you are using a real license.

Neither video is going to make you an expert but they will get you to a solid point that makes SharePoint happy.

Installing SQL Server 2016 for SharePoint on-premises

Installing SQL Server 2014 for SharePoint on-premises

And if a proper install isn’t your thing then you can always use my quick and dirty video. That video covers using the Azure SQL Image and getting it ready for SharePoint.

Quick and Dirty SQL Server configuration using the Azure image (Link is to creation of SQL VM in Azure. 20 min 30 sec starts config portion.)

Check them out and let me know what you think. I am always looking for suggestions for future videos.



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