Installing SharePoint 2016 on Azure

Looking at my YouTube content it has been brought to my attention on Twitter that I don’t have a video that people expect. How to install SharePoint Server 2016 on Azure IaaS. Whoops. I realized that I have all of the pieces I just haven’t put the story together. So before I bust out the camera, microphone, and makeup (just kidding) I thought I would put together a blog post that gives you the plan in the short term.

In Azure, you will need to create a minimum of three VMs and you will need to put those VMs in the same Resource Group to make your life easier.

  1. Create a Domain Controller VM
    1. Create a new resource group
    2. Give it a static IP
    3. Update Azure Networking with static IP for DNS
    4. Will be a domain controller for your new forest and DNS server
    5. Step-by-Step video Create a new Active Directory Forest in Azure
  2. Create a Windows VM for SQL
    1. Put it in same Resource Group (working with Resource Groups in Azure)
    2. Join to Azure domain (Add a server to the domain in Azure)
    3. Install SQL and configure it for SharePoint.
    4. Step-by-Step video for SQL 2014 or SQL 2016
  3. Create a Windows VM for SharePoint
    1. Put in same Resource Group
    2. Join to Azure domain
    3. Step-by-Step video Install SharePoint Server 2016
    4. Step-by-Step video Install Cumulative Update for SharePoint Sever 2016 This step is optional. I would consider starting with September 2016 CU
  4. Step-by-Step video Configure SharePoint Server 2016 the right way

There you go. If you want a guide through the whole process, there it is. The good news is I see how that is annoying and that the SharePoint videos are shown with Hyper-V. So next week I will sit down and reshoot all of this 100% from Azure.

If you do watch any of these and have ideas or suggestions on what I should do differently or better, I am all ears.

Shane – @ShanesCows

Bold Zebras - Microsoft Cloud Consulting

Bold Zebras – Microsoft Cloud Consulting

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