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Copy Files with metadata to SharePoint Online with PowerShell

I finally created something I felt worthy of blogging. 🙂 From talking to customers I know that a current challenge is migrating Files and File Shares to SharePoint Online. Sure uploading a bunch of content from the browser is doable but what if you want to keep the Created By, Created Date, and Modified Date […]

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Installing and Configuring SharePoint Server 2013 on premise for Microsoft Azure

In case you are wondering this is completely different than the Quick and Dirty install video. This video goes through all of the steps to build a production grade install of SharePoint. What? That seems really confusing. How do you do on-prem SharePoint 2013 on Azure? You use IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) of course. […]

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Create a new Active Directory forest in Azure

Today I released another free video: Creating an Active Directory Forest in Azure. This video shows you how to do some newish things with Azure. The main one is setting static IPs and editing the DNS server for the virtual network using the Portal. All of the other guidance out there shows you only some […]

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