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August 23, 2017

Microsoft announces Archive Blob storage

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Microsoft announced today the public preview of Azure Archive Blob storage. This gives you a way to cheaply store documents that you need to keep, perhaps for legal reasons, but you are fairly certain you will not need to look at often, if at all. The actual pricing has not yet been released but seeing how Cool Blob storage costs $0.01/GB/month, it is sure to less than that.

I know that one place I worked has a large room full of documentation that probably no one will ever read (unless there is an audit in which case the auditor usually just checks to make sure the document is actually there).  Imagine scanning all those documents and then putting them into Archive Blob storage.  This will free up the room for other tasks not to mention saving money on printing and binders.  Setup Azure Search to index the Archived Blobs and then you can easily search for keywords if an audit ever occurs.  With a 99% availability SLA, accessing the data should never be an issue.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft also stated that you can change the level of the Blob (Hot, Cold, or Archive) without having to move the Blob to a different account.  In addition this can be done using .NET, Python, or Node.js with Java  and portal support coming soon.   By allowing .Net access you can easily write a function or logic app that checks the last modified date or some tag on the document and change its level according automatically.

Check out Microsoft’s Azure blog post for more information as well as how to sign up for this public preview.

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