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September 28, 2017

Protect your Azure Storage and Azure SQL with Virtual Networks

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One of the most asked for features in Azure is finally here!  Protect your Azure storage and SQL by using Virtual Network Service Endpoints. Currently, when you create either an Azure Storage or Azure SQL instance they are automatically setup with public IPs.  While this is useful most of the time, there are situations where […]

September 15, 2017

Debug Azure code in PRODUCTION without affecting users

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If you have not heard of Azure Snapshot debugger, part of Application Insights, it is well worth your time to become acquainted with it.  It allows you to view a debug session of a production instance in the browser as well as download the information into Visual Studio for more debugging. This week’s Azure Friday […]

Get your credentials in Azure without knowing the credentials

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Microsoft just released a preview of the Azure AD Managed Service Identity (MSI) feature.  What this will allow you to do is to completely stop having to store credentials either in code (which is a MAJOR no-no) , in your config file (slightly better), or anywhere else.  Azure will generate a “bootstrap identity” which can […]

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