I tried iTunes, and the verdic is?

I have never seen such a poorly written program in my life. I open up iTunes, click on Music store and WAM! Not enough memory try again. Well I have enough and iTunes does take 30megs in RAM when running. My laptop is a P-IV 2.8Ghz HT (HyperThreading), 512 DDR RAM. MusicMatch is buggy also (8.1x) but at least I can use it and yes that program eats 30-50 Megs or RAM while running. I Like Windows Media Player the best as it only uses (all tests with music files) 15-20 Megs of RAM.

2 thoughts on “I tried iTunes, and the verdic is?

  1. I got it to work at work somewhat. I do not like how it adds systray and quickstart icons for iTunes and QuickTime. I prefer MusicMatch as the files are in standard WMA files. It seems Apple uses some proprietary file system. You can play MM files (downloaded) in Win Media Player 9 but you cannot do anything with them and have to use MM to burn them. Now only if Sony would support WMA for their NetMD (MiniDisc). Since the NetMD only supports their format, Sony just has to update the software that transfers the files. I have to look and see if there is a 3rd party app that plays nice. Between the MM/WMP9 DRM and Sony’s SDMI DRM, there is no way to get it on legally without burning to a audio cd first. Thanks Peter.

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