Geek To Super Hero Part 2

I have registered the software. I think this is a must have application. Basically this is like a software firewall (Like ZoneAlarm) but a firewall for your computer settings. Mike at HeadLight Software has filled a gap the software firewall makers left out. Even spyware scanners like Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy do not have. It even has a pop-up blocker, startup manager, browser helper manager (get rid of ActiveX controls left on your pc. which can be done manually, but more convenient for a novice. Wheres My Space Gone? to show you what files are hogging space, and an emergency browser reset to return your browser to its default values.

I do see this product improving greatly as I have been a registered GetRight Download Manager user since 2.x. GetRight has so many options that were added in over the years, you can get the job done. In fact he created a lite version for people who do not need all the power.

As some may know GetRight USED to have spyware for the shareware version. Mike has removed it a while ago, and his products DO NOT have any such beast in them.

The software is shareware and costs $20 for GetRight Users, $25 for non-GetRight users and $40 if you buy both (Save $10 if you buy both).

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