is using Phishing like activities.

I am a MSN Premium 9.0 user, which allows me an all access pass on I went to sign in to watch a game via Internet Explorer without being in MSN software. I went to pull up a live game and was told I need to enter a credit card for verification purposes and I will not be charged. I do not recall entering one as my access would be verified by MSN. So I close out, login to MLB via MSN 9.0 software and the same thing. Do you think that maybe they should use passport to verify my access? MSN Premium comes with McAfee Anti-Virus and Firewall. How so they know I am really a MSN Subscriber? You guest it, you have to sign in with your Microsoft/MSN passport. If you read the light grey text on the white background they will add an expiring $1 hold on your credit card. I hope MSN steps in and forces them into using passport for MSN users. I have faith MSN will come to their users rescue.

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