MSN is Upgrading Paid Mailbox’s to 2 Gigs.

MSN Premium and Hotmail Plus users are noticing their e-mail storage now at 2 gigs. So far Bay2 accounts are done. I am on Bay11, so it will be a bit I guess. [How to tell which Bay you are on. My Hotmail URL:…. <- Notice the word bay11 you will see this once you sign in.]. I am drooling in anticipation. 🙂

UPDATE (7/21/04 11:23a): Seems that not everyone on Bay2 is upgraded (possibly testing on some users. No rhyme or reason to who gets upgraded), rumors that everyone will have it by the end of the week. Also new members supposedly get the new limits.

One thought on “MSN is Upgrading Paid Mailbox’s to 2 Gigs.

  1. Nice info bit about the bays.

    After seeing the posts about the extra space I kept wondering why mine was still at 50MB.

    Now seeing that I’m, I can see I have a bit to wait…

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