Michigan State Parks to get Wifi.

I do not care for paid hot spots, but rather SBC install and up keep than the State of Michigan. They will have SBC’s Speedlink. Daily charge is $10 with other monthly options for all Speedlink locations. Now if someone goes to a state park, why would you need Wifi? I thought the point was to go see deer, bear, eagles, trees, lakes nature not websites. I vacation up north with my family without Internet and TV. Please slow down and take a break. 🙂

MDOT Rest Stop has Wifi.

I was pulling off on the last MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) rest stop on I-75 Southbound just before hitting Pontiac / Metro Detroit with a sign which I have to conferm when I go back up (then back) this comming weekend or the next if it is Free or not. (Maybe part of SBC Speed link. See above.) – Update: There is a charge for the Wifi: “Access is $7.95 for a one-day pass, or $19.95 a month that also includes more than 2,300 other FreedomLink access points nationwide.” -GLITR (According to the 9/1/04 Great Lakes IT Report.)

Windows Media Player 10 Released Today

I really enjoy the new media player. The best one yet Microsoft made. I love that I can login to MSN Radio Plus inside it and use the System Tray Control from the Bonus pack to minimize to the system tray instead of going to http://radio.msn.com and having a IE window open that takes up valuable space in the task bar. Windows Media Player 10:http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia