MDOT Rest Stop has Wifi.

I was pulling off on the last MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) rest stop on I-75 Southbound just before hitting Pontiac / Metro Detroit with a sign which I have to conferm when I go back up (then back) this comming weekend or the next if it is Free or not. (Maybe part of SBC Speed link. See above.)

Update: There is a charge for the Wifi: “Access is $7.95 for a one-day pass, or $19.95 a month that also includes more than 2,300 other FreedomLink access points nationwide.” -GLITR (According to the 9/1/04 Great Lakes IT Report.)

2 thoughts on “MDOT Rest Stop has Wifi.

  1. Iowa has that too. In one rest stop that I know of. I would think they would make it free.. Especially since they’re getting travelers from everywhere.. Of course, that’s probably the idea behind charging;)

  2. Yes, that and Michigan is cutting back funding. At least this way SBC/Ameritech pays for the equipment and service. $8 is not too bad. But a commercial corporation like Starbuck’s should be free. If I did go to Starbuck’s for Wifi, there is one two doors down from a pub that has free wifi and can pickup the signal. I bet T-Mobile looses alot of subscribers this way. And the bagel place in-between does not, but can pull from either place.

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