Upgrading Server this weekend at work.

I had almost finished  installing software on works new Dell PowerEdge 1600SC (Refurb) and the RAID controller failed. I thought we were not going to get the parts till Tuesday as the warranty is 2 business days, but pushed our way up the support chain, said new sever out of box does not work and go the 4 hour response. I am happy to see the RAID failures did not corrupt Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Premium, as first thought. Just the RAID acting up. Strange our RAID was replaced in the other one months before the 3 year warranty … Continue reading Upgrading Server this weekend at work.

Man Ordered to Disable Spyware Programs

“CONCORD, N.H.—A federal judge has ordered a man known as the “Spam King” to disable so-called spyware programs that infiltrate people’s computers, track their Internet use and flood them with pop-up advertising. “ “Wallace also is accused of trying to sell computer users $30 remedies called “Spy Wiper” and “Spy Deleter” that the FTC says don’t work. “ http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1682518,00.asp

MSN TV 2 Released

For Dial-up and Broadband users. The device in Broadband mode will stream music, video and pictures from a PC over your network, while logged in, you can stream MSN Radio Plus also.. http://www.msntv.com/