One in five buy their software via spam

One in five buy their software via spam
You probably weren’t expecting this

      Usually when buying software via SPAM, you are buying pirated/bootleg software. None of the money goes back to the company. This is what pays the programmers and allows them to improve the software. You can report Microsoft Piracy to or Want to know if your license is valid? Go to I once bought off of Amazon Marketplace 2 CD’s which I thought were retail versions, but were bootleg ($10 a piece did not sound un-reasonable). They were not. I got to give me the money back on one, then I had to call my credit card for the other since was un-responsive. I then reported the seller (Not Amazon.) to the RIAA and the NY PD who refereed me back to the RIAA.

      Other software companies have similar reporting e-mail addresses and websites. Please visit their websites to see about reporting or seeing if you product is legal.

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