Microsoft Updates Windows Anti-Spyware

“The new beta release of Windows AntiSpyware includes a number of enhancements that Microsoft says are based on user feedback. Specifically, the company improved some of the real-time protection agents, added new threat categories, and improved the stability and performance of the product. If you are using the existing beta version of the product, you can upgrade to this new release. Otherwise, it will install as a clean install.” – Paul Thurrott can download the update at (2/16/05)

Bill Gates to Update Security Roadmap.

Paul believes Bill Gates will speak about when Microsoft AnitSpyware will be released and the pricing, and when to expect a corporate version. Also information on Microsoft’s Anti-Virus software.

MSN Desktop Search Hacks

Change the startup delay Drag & Drop Exclude some files extensions from being searched Float the deskbar Get rid of the toolbar buttons Save your searches Search network shares Use a Windows Key shortcut