MSN to start music subscription service, and allow users to covert iTunes Licences to WMA DRM Technoligy.

This will allow people locked into iTunes to be able to go elsewhere. Many stores currently use WMA DRM. To see what stores and portable players support it, go to Microsoft planning music subscription serviceWith Apple Computer’s dominance over the digital music business growing, Microsoft is planning to bolster its own online song store with a new subscription service later this year, sources familiar with the plans say.

MSN adds Tabbed Browsing to IE Part Two.

Since Comments do not show on the main page, I would like to post Dennis T. Cheung, who is a Program Manager for MSN Search.”It’s now live on”. This includes MSN Desktop Search, so if you have it installed, remove it first before installing this or you will get a message basically saying to remove it. I want to thank Dennis for reading and contributing to my blog. I never knew I had a MSN / Microsoft employee(s) reading my blog, and I am honored!You can follow more about Denis at

MSN adds Tabbed Browsing to IE.

For some reason, this has not hit the main news sites yet. The web link below will not say anything about tabs, nor will the installer, but once you are done installing it and open IE you will have tabs. If you have MSN Desktop Search, you must install that first. The installer says toolbar, but it also includes the Desktop Search. I just installed it and have not tried the tabs yet, I thought it was more important to post here first. Off to play with the tabbed browsing.