Microsoft having major passport login issues

I, and others have had not luck logging into websites using Microsoft Passport Authentication. However, MSN Messenger logins work which use the Passport Authentication. Known (when logging in)BetaPlaceConnectI am sure there are more. I am not sure when the problem arised, but I would say around 10a-11a EST is when I first tried to login to MSNDirect website to add traffic sensors to the traffic channel.

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP

Did you ever want to make a PC shared, but worried about the risks of the public doing things bad to it? Have public computers, but no funds to get a program to limit what a user does? Here is a new program from Microsoft which is free for Genuine installs of Windows XP. This will let you know of changes to the C: drive, let you save them if you know the admin password, or the PC will erase the changes. It also keeps users privacy in mind by wiping their tracks.