MSNBC’s IM This.

First it was the print this, then e-mail this. Now there is IM This.!1pa8Iikfy0xU3xf4W911Jq4Q!1126.entry

MSN Beta Recruiting. Updated contry codes.

The MSN Beta Team is recruiting new beta participants worldwide. To sign up follow the instructions below: 1.       Go to 2.       Click on Invitations 3.       Enter the Invitation ID for your country and language To find your country Nomination ID, please look in the table below. We will contact you as soon as a new beta is available in your country. Thank you for your patience! Country Invitation Code Afghanistan AFPA-GJB4-4FCV Arabia ENXA-P4WT-4QVJ Australia AU-X8FG-XWR9 Austria AU-B86F-P6HH Bangladesh BABG-BCWH-MCJW Belgium BE-BFFD-FMV7 Brazil BR-MJYQ-DCRB Canada CA-8VPP-8W8V China CH-4PYP-H4D4 Czechoslovakia CSCZ-2PJ8-VDJ6 Denmark DADK-W8VG-GJT2 Estonia ESTO-Y4XF-MRKG Finland FIFI-KHX6-87BH France FR-XJGB-JV79 Germany GER-JJBM-9VFY … Continue reading MSN Beta Recruiting. Updated contry codes.