Microsoft GroupBar Project

GroupBar is lightweight desktop tool created by the VIBE group that offers enhanced window management capabilities in a Windows taskbar-like setting. The basic concept is that through simple drag-and-drop operations on window tiles within the bar, users can create lightweight, transient grouping relationships that allow them to perform certain higher-level window layout functions on multiple windows at once. In addition, windows and groups in the GroupBar can be persisted in a “Snapshot” which attempts to remember the position and contents of each window in a way that allows the Snapshot to be recreated at a later time, even if the … Continue reading Microsoft GroupBar Project

MSN Spaces Update: Live! Fav.’s Integration

And a few more changes:!FBABF8E542F5D5DB!5482.entry You can see my Windows Live! Favorate Module (Beta) at This is done by installing the MSN Toolbar and installing the Windows Live! Favorites (Beta) and exporting your favorites to the server. Go to the management server, right click on each favorate you want to share and click properties, check the share box, and OK. and you are all set.