MSN Courts AOL Users with Lower Cost You can join MSN at Also note AOL is rising the cost to get people to their broadband. So checked out your phone company and cable providers for more options. If you are looking for cheap broadband stick with AOL or your local phone company. If you cannot get broadband go with MSN or your local phone company. I had a $9.95/mn 10 hours of dial up just to keep a e-mail account that would cost me 1 or 2 cents less a month to just have e-mail. I was moved to unlimited at the same cost in … Continue reading MSN Courts AOL Users with Lower Cost

New IE exploit Trojan out.

Friend just got Goldun.Fam by going to a MySpace Customization site. Looks like it uses this new vulnerability found in IE. No user interaction to get infected, this IS BAD! Seems there is no fix and to update java and to set all java levels in IE to prompt before install. (Toward the end, it tells you what to do.) I do not see anything out there saying it has used a trojan. So I figured I better post here. Friend said a file vs_prada.exe apeared on the desktop and he deleted it but did not go in the recycle bin. … Continue reading New IE exploit Trojan out.

More than half of Microsoft Vista needs re-writing

And this explains why I wiped Vista of my Media Center and went back to MCE 2005. Record TV split The Simpson’s into to files. I could not watch recorded content. BSOD on shutdown among other things. I will either wait for todays build or wait for one more build.

The State of Parental Controls and Instant Messaging.

   I was given the task to bolt down the boss’s son’s new computer I had pushed and pushed to get so he can do normal teen things. I thought this was going to be easy. But, I thought I would share my experience and a hole I found in doing so. The two programs I found that were from reputable companies and got good marks was NetNanny and k9 Web Protection. NetNanny seemed to be the best to cover almost everything. I had read some people were complaining it would crash and hose some peoples computers. Also seems it has … Continue reading The State of Parental Controls and Instant Messaging.

Join Windows Vista, Office 12 and Exchange 12 Public Beta

“Lead evaluations for new technologies and understand their impact on your IT environment and their potential for your company by pre-registering here. You will be the first to be notified when the Windows Vista, Office “12,” and Exchange “12” public beta releases become available. Additionally, you will receive updates and information regularly through the Microsoft TechNet Flash newsletter, from the time you pre-register until the launch of the product.”