Microsoft Releases a Windows Genuine Advantage update with a big bug.

I went to finish up some work on the boss’s son’s computer. (XP Pro Retial from a reputable source. CD is the original Gold (RTM) CD)  Windows OneCare stated a update is available and needs to be install on Microsoft Update. I say go ahead and it launches Internet Explorer and takes me to Windows Update and starts searching for updates. Then prompts me I need to install some files first. I allow it to and it starts to download and install a WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) update. After the update I now get a “Validation Error: Activation Limit Exceeded.” [0x80080209].

I called the XP support line three (This is not a Windows OneCare error)  times. First time I was disconnected The second time I was sent to Phone Activation and I followed as if my machine was activated and it kicked me out. I called a private support number and he had gotten a few calls and I was given (800) 936-5700 and was told to select the Customer Service option and say I have a WGA issue. I have now been on the phone for an hour, and the conclusion is that many customers are experiencing this and they are actively working on a fix. I was told the research team is working on it and will let me know what the status of it is and I have to wait up to 24-48 hours. If PSS reads this, you have a open invite to come in via Remote Assistance to poke around.

I suggest holding off on installing it for a few days till a week. Best yet, hold off to Patch Tuesday.


One thought on “Microsoft Releases a Windows Genuine Advantage update with a big bug.

  1. Uninstall Norton Internet Security 200x, then try again. Disabling it does not really disable it. NIS 200x breaks the install of WGA.

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