Microsoft Sends Windows Live to College

Microsoft to host student e-mails for colleges for free ad free. Microsoft reserves the right to turn the ads on once they graduate. This is the perfect way to grab them when they are young and may not switch in the future.

Microsoft Auto Update Causes Issues

I posted this comment on Susan Bradley’s SBS Blog (Patch Status Report – April Patches) , so I thought I would post it here too: My work computer, home laptop (Desktop does not have office on it mainly MCE), Mom’s Laptop, Friends Desktop and Fathers Desktop and possibly’ bosses laptop. All have the Outlook Junk Mail filter not install. Seems the best thing to do is to remove, install and replace the OSE.exe from the CD. I removed office, installed it with all updates still happened. then: Step 1: Tool does not work. Step 2: Was fine Step 3: Replaced OSE … Continue reading Microsoft Auto Update Causes Issues

Best Buy Accused of Software Piracy

System recovery software maker Winternals said Wednesday that it had been granted a temporary restraining order over alleged copyright infringement by Best Buy and its Geek Squad subsidiary. Winternals claims the retailer has been using pirated and unlicensed copies of its Windows recovery software following a breakdown in licensing talks.