OneCare – Now Available at Retail!C29701F38A601141!1601.entry They released it sometime yesterday, is available today, but was supposed to be released tomorrow June 1rst. Congratulations WOC Team on releasing a superb product!

Windows Live! Safety Center releases update.

The visible changes I see are a Custom button for a custom scan under comprehensive scan and when you click on that there is a Custom button for the spyware checker which loads your drive tree to select drives/folders/files. I am sure there are more changes under the hood.

Windows Unattended CD Creator

Feature: Creation of a bootable ISO image Integration of service packs Creation of user accounts Integration of: Drivers Hotfixes Patches Software

Download files in the background with free bandwidth.

Would you like to download programs like Automatic Updates does with B.I.T.S.? Do you have a dial-up connection or a slower broadband connection and want to only use the un-used bandwidth to download your programs? If so there is a program that will called WinBITS. I have not tried it. But if I had a slower connection I would.

Windows Sidebar Gallery Launches

Get some gadgets for Vista Sidbar. Not much of intrest up there right now. But over time, I am sure there will be some great ones.

MSN Spaces Sees Record Traffic

“Microsoft said Thursday that its MSN Spaces service is the most widely used blogging product worldwide, according to data from research firm comScore Networks. Nearly 101 million unique visitors came to the service, more than double the traffic from last year. According to comScore, nearly one out of every seven Internet users visited an MSN Space last month”….