Windows Live! Galary Released along with new Live! Toolbar

Windows Live! Galary brings many add-on’s into one place for Windows Live! Toolbar, Messenger,, Desktop Search and Search Macros. Be sure to get the latest toolbar first, as the plug-ins will not work., remove the old one and install this one. (You are required too!) Of some intrest, the Phishing Filter is now part of the OneCare Advisor. It will reminding you do scans at Live! Safety Center. I assume if you have OneCare installed, it will be green. You can now add a traffic button too among other things. You can even develop your own to add-in.

October Debut for Microsoft ‘iPod Killer’

EXCLUSIVE Microsoft’s so-called “iPod killer” could be unveiled as early as late next month, with the company preparing to build momentum towards an October launch, sources close to the situation have told BetaNews…

Adware Offers Bogus Security Apps

Newly discovered adware in the wild tries to dupe users into installing fake security applications. According to Panda Software’s PandaLabs, the adware program, ProtectionBar, warns users that their computers are infected with malware, and they must purchase a license for the “security app” to remove the bad code… Always best to stick with a known good program like: Microsoft Windows Defender (Free) Ad-Aware (Free & Paid) Spybot (Free (Donations Accepted)) Spy Sweeper (Paid. Can get good deal at Costco or free with MSN Premium & Dial-up, or cheap or free with promo sales.) These are … Continue reading Adware Offers Bogus Security Apps

New Windows Live! Mail M7 & Get M7 Earily

M7 <a href=”New’>!CC9301187A51FE33!4776.entry”>New Features</a> Just what you asked for: Checkboxes are in Windows Live Mail!!! You can now select messages the same way you’re used to in Hotmail. Some of you like to select multiple messages using shift-click or control-click. You can still do that, or you can use checkboxes.    Signing in to Windows Live Mail just works better. Set-up wizard when you use Windows Live Mail for the first time – now it’s easier to use New loading page (with a link to try the basic version if your connection is slow) Today page now has your storage … Continue reading New Windows Live! Mail M7 & Get M7 Earily

WLM and Y! Intigration Part 2

The server will not let me update the post. You must sign-up for it at and sign-out then back in. There maybe a chance you must install new WLM build that came out. Ideas states you do not, but Beta News shows the build has the Y! features in it.

Gates: 20 Percent Chance of Vista Delay

Speaking at a forum in South Africa regarding a plan for Microsoft to make major technology investments in the country, Bill Gates said there was an “80 percent chance” Windows Vista would by ready for its planned January launch. He also had no qualms about delaying the OS further if necessary.