Microsoft Nabs Anti-Virus Ace from Symantec

Symantec did a great job with Norton products till they got very bloated. I am glad to see Microsoft pull a anti-virus pro from Symantec to work with OneCare and the corporate version in the near future.,1759,2004336,…

Microsoft’s new Blog Posting Application

Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.  Writer has lots of features which we hope make for a better blogging experience. Some of the ones we are most excited about include: WYSIWYG Authoring  The first thing to notice about Writer is that it enables true WYSIWYG blog authoring. You can now author your post and know exactly what it will look like before you publish it. Writer knows the styles of your blog such as headings, fonts, colors, background images, paragraph spacing, margins and … Continue reading Microsoft’s new Blog Posting Application

Windows Live! Spaces Officially Launched! is implemented the friends module and other things such as Premium users can turn off ads. I do not know which ones qualify. You can lean more here:!8AA773FE0A12B9E3!16198.entry If your blog is loading slow, come back in a few hours, the server is in the middle of being upgraded and users like me that must login now to play with it and send out a ton of friends invites.