Windows Live! Local Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook Released. (v2)…


Add maps to Outlook…

• Send your Microsoft Outlook® meeting requests with maps you can see in road, aerial, or bird’s eye view. *

• Use real-time traffic updates to help avoid accident or rush hour delays and find the best routes. *

• Print precise driving directions “to go”, then save the details to view when you are offline.

•If you have installed Microsoft MapPoint® 2006, access your map in MapPoint when offline.

…with features that save time…

Make Outlook meeting notices more useful then ever!

• Create friendly names for frequently used locations such as “Downtown office”.

• Receive meeting reminders based on the estimated travel times.

…and search locally to find nearby places.

View your map on the Live Local Website to quickly locate places near your meeting location such as restaurants, hotels, office stores and gas stations.…

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